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AllTray is an application which docks other application software into the system tray (“notification area”) of a desktop environment such as GNOME, KDE, or XFCE. It aims to be independent of both desktop environment and window manager. Old releases are available, and currently the project is focusing on updating the source code to become more fully compliant with existing desktop standards, as well as being refactored.

AllTray has switched to the git system for version control; it's up at GitHub at – you can contribute directly there if you wish. If you prefer to use bzr, you can "bzr branch lp:alltray", which is a mirror of the master branch at GitHub, and work using bzr.

Currently there is a bug in Launchpad that causes the downloads to be out-of-order; 0.71a is the latest stable release and 0.7.5dev is the latest development focus release as of 14-Jun-2011.

Help is, of course, welcome. Questions/discussion on AllTray is welcome at, using the !alltray group. There is also a mailing list available through the AllTray Users team here on Launchpad:

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