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Written for anvil by Joshua Harlow on 2013-06-03

Just a heads up for those that are using anvil on grizzly or havana (master).

Allessio & Anastasia has been very busy doing some great work!

Some of the new changes:

- A new 'prepare' stage that builds all dependencies and openstack code into rpms using rpmbuild using 'deep' pip/rpm requirement analysis.
  * This creates a bunch of packages and creates a anvil repo file/directory with those packages.
  * See:
  * This one now also runs as non-sudo (woot!)
- Install stage that now installs packages from the previous repo and creates config files and such.
- Start/stop/uninstall stage works as before.

The prepare stage basically creates the openstack-dep and individual packages (aka a 'metapackage') and a mini-anvil-repo with strong requirements on rpm dependencies.

See: for an example.

And then later you can just use that mini-repo as your official repo for your deployments (after testing and so-on).

Pretty awesome!



Written for anvil by Joshua Harlow on 2012-05-06


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