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Benjamin Drung
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Release notes 

### Added

* Add support for deb822 APT sources
* crash-digger: Add support for using a GDB sandbox (`--gdb-sandbox`)

### Changed

* Already add package info during Python crashes
* apport:
  - Demote debug gdbus log to debug level
  - Demote non-error log messages to info level
* Use f-strings everywhere
* Increase maximum line length to 88
* test: Rely on pytest and drop support running unittest directly
* Drop Python < 3.10 support
* Move pylint overrides to affected files instead of disabling the checks globally

### Fixed

* apport-unpack: Catch `MalformedProblemReport` on extraction (LP: #1997912)
* Correct range of system users/groups from 499 to dynamic 999
* Fix raising `OSError` if `_command_output()` runs into a timeout
* Use `ProblemReport` for running generic hook manually
* Fix type hints and run `mypy` in the CI
* Fix spelling mistakes found by codespell
* ui: Fix translating the web browser opening error message
* test:
  - Clear environment for `test_run_as_real_user_no_sudo`
  - Fix check for full name in `test_run_crash_anonymity`
  - Fix false positives for `test_run_crash_anonymity`
  - ui: fix hangup on test failure


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1997912 #1997912 /usr/share/apport/whoopsie-upload-all:binascii.Error:/usr/share/apport/whoopsie-upload-all@249:main:collect_info:process_report:load:_decompress_line:b64decode 3 High   10 Fix Released
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