Barbican Havana Final Release 2013.2

Written for Barbican by John Wood on 2013-10-17

The Barbican team is proud to announce the final release of Barbican for Havana 2013.2.

Information on the milestone and its associated tarball are available at:

With this release, the following features are available:
1. Added Vagrant support to standup an entire Barbican network locally (so the API, queue, worker and database nodes). See this page for more details:
2. Addresses bug #1220957, whereby Barbican will return a 500 error on attempts to GET binary secrets with an Accept header of text/plain. A 406 is returned instead as expected.

An updated Python client library and command line interface for Barbican is also available in Pypi here:

Thanks to Jarret Raim, Andrew Hartnett, Douglas Sims, Sheena Gregson, John Vrbanac, Henry Yamauchi, Douglas Mendizabal, Paul Kehrer, Melissa Kam, Arash Ghoreyshi, Malini Bhandaru and John Wood for their contributions to this milestone.

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