Barbican Icehouse-1 Milestone

Written for Barbican by John Wood on 2013-12-05

The Barbican team is proud to announce the first milestone delivery for the OpenStack Icehouse series.

This milestone can be found at:

With this milestone, 2 blueprints have been implemented and 5 bugs fixed. Here is a quick summary of the new features:

  * Added a verification API (stubbed implementation).
  * Added a script to ease standalone Barbican deployments.

More details can be found at:

Thanks to Bryan Payne, Wyllys Ingersoll, Dolph Mathews, Jarret Raim, Andrew Hartnett, Douglas Sims, Sheena Gregson, John Vrbanac, Steve Heyman, Douglas Mendizabal, Paul Kehrer, Constanze Kratel, Arash Ghoreyshi, and John Wood for their contributions to this milestone.

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