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Vincent Ladeuil
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1 Andrew Starr-Bochicchio, 1 Haw Loeung, 2 Jelmer Vernooij, 2 John A Meinel, 1 Neil Martinsen-Burrell, 1 Ross Lagerwall, 7 Vincent Ladeuil
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download icon Bazaar-2.6.0-OSX-10.6-2.dmg (md5, sig) Mac OS X 10.6 installer 27,598
last downloaded 42 weeks ago
download icon bzr-2.6.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 160,190
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Release notes 

This release marks the start of a new long-term-stable series. From here, we
will only make bugfix releases on the 2.6 series (2.6.1, etc), while 2.7
will become our new development series.

This is a bugfix and polish release over the 2.5 series, with a large number
of bugs fixed (~50 for the 2.6 series alone).

All known fixed bugs are included here.

Users are encouraged to upgrade from the other stable series.


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External Compatibility Breaks

* ``bzr lp-propose --approve`` now also adds an "Approve" vote to the merge
  proposal. (Jonathan Lange)

New Features

* ``bzr switch --store`` now stores uncommitted changes in the branch, and
  restores them when switching back to the branch. (Aaron Bentley)

* New option '--context' for 'bzr diff' command, to configure the amount of
  context (i.e. showing lines that have not changed). Also available as the
  named parameter 'context_lines' to bzrlib.diff.internal_diff(). (Paul Nixon)

* The 'grep' plugin is now shipped with bzr. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* The 'ping' plugin is now shipped with bzr. (Jelmer Vernooij)


* ``bzr help env-variables`` now points users at ``bzr help configuration``
  which has much more detailed information on the same stuff.
  (Robert Collins)

* ``bzr lp-find-proposal`` now only cares about the revision-id that is
  specified, not the branch you use. This was enabled by a new API call in
  Launchpad's web service. (Aaron Bentley)

* Implement authentication.conf password obfuscation, the password_encoding
  option can now be set to base64. (Florian Dorn)

* Local configurations files (i.e. accessed on the local file system like
  ``bazaar.conf`` and ``locations.conf``) are now shared, reducing the
  number of IOs when querying a configuation option. (Vincent Ladeuil,

* ``bzr lp-propose --approve`` now correctly specifies the approved revision
  and provides an "Approve" vote from the proposer, allowing for smoother
  interaction with downstream merge tools. (Jonathan Lange)

Bug Fixes

* Add a ``progress_bar`` configuration option defaulting to
  ``BZR_PROGRESS_BAR``. This can be set in ``bazaar.conf`` or specified from
  the command line with ``-Oprogress_bar=text``. (Vincent Ladeuil, #388275)

* ``Authentication.Config`` now always returns unicode user names and passwords.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #514301)

* Fixed a bug where the entire contents of ``/etc/mailname`` is read in.
  We only want to read in the first line so that comments could be added
  and would be ignored.
  (Haw Loeung, #932515)

* Fixed a syntax error in ``doc/ja/user-guide/http_smart_server.txt`` that
  causes breakage with docutils 0.9.1.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, Jelmer Vernooij, #1066307)

* Support utf8 characters in platform names even without looking inside the
  box (Fedora's Schrödinger's Cat).
  (Toshio Kuratomi, Vincent Ladeuil, #1195783)

* Warn when ``--show-base`` is used for ``pull`` in a treeless branch
  instead of failing. It's useless but harmless. (Vincent Ladeuil, #1022160)

* When a missing referenced chk root error is encountered, bzr now suggests
  running ``bzr reconcile --canonicalize-chks``. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* When pushing a specific revision, create the new working tree at
  that revision. (#484516, Neil Martinsen-Burrell)


* Clarify ``bzr config`` usages especially around other option references
  expansion. (Vincent Ladeuil, #996401)

API Changes

* None.


* Add __iter__ to http ResponseFile. (Jelmer Vernooij, #1184021)

* The launchpad plugin now requires API 1.6.0 or later. This version shipped
  with Ubuntu 9.10. (Aaron Bentley)

* Better align with upstream in We may lose a bit of
  performance but that's for knit and weave formats and already partly
  deprecated, better keep compatibility than failing fast ;)
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #1116079)


* Fix test failures occurring only with LC_ALL=C, when prompting a user,
  ``stderr`` encoding should be preferred over terminal encoding if
  available. (Vincent Ladeuil, #1086209)

0 blueprints and 16 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
514301 #514301 AuthenticationConfig.{get_password,get_username}() returns unicode or str objects 3 High Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
830947 #830947 AssertionError: ('not present: %r', StaticTuple('', '', 'TREE_ROOT')) making a lightweight checkout 3 High John A Meinel  10 Fix Released
832042 #832042 config files are read for each option 3 High Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
996401 #996401 'bzr config' fails to display config templates referring to "unknown" options 3 High Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
1047309 #1047309 osutils.send_all() loops endlessly sending 0 bytes if using paramiko for ssh 3 High John A Meinel  10 Fix Released
1066307 #1066307 build fails against docutils 0.9.1 3 High Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
1075108 #1075108 bzr branch fails on a ssh mount of remote ext4 fs with Error 95 Operation Not Supported 3 High   10 Fix Released
1089792 #1089792 empty arguments lost in EDITOR 3 High Ross Lagerwall  10 Fix Released
1116079 #1116079 Test bzrlib.tests.test_tuned_gzip.TestToGzip.test_enormous_chunk fails - potential regression in python2.7 2.7.3-15ubuntu1 3 High Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
1195783 #1195783 UnicodeDecodeError from bzr version if platform contains non-ASCII 3 High Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
388275 #388275 want configuration option to control progress bars 4 Medium Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
484516 #484516 bzr push -r $revspec ../foo creates branch with working tree from tip, not that of $revspec 4 Medium Neil Martinsen-Burrell  10 Fix Released
932515 #932515 reading /etc/mailname beyond the first newline can be suboptimal 4 Medium Haw Loeung  10 Fix Released
1182124 #1182124 [CVE-2013-2099] ssl.match_hostname() trips over crafted wildcard names 4 Medium Andrew Starr-Bochicchio  10 Fix Released
1184021 #1184021 Missing __iter__ on ResponseFile during import-dsc 4 Medium Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
1022160 #1022160 bzr pull --show-base fails in a tree-less branch 5 Low Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
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