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2 Andrew Johnson, 3 mdavidsaver
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1845854 #1845854 EPICS Math tests failing on Windows with MSVC EPICS Base EPICS Base 5 Low mdavidsaver  6 Confirmed
1815908 #1815908 casExpandRecvBuffer modifies the contents of the buffer EPICS Base EPICS Base 3 High mdavidsaver  10 Fix Released
1841692 #1841692 Non-VME RTEMS targets should define pdevLibVME 7.0 7.0 4 Medium Andrew Johnson  10 Fix Released
1839930 #1839930 astac segfaults if called with no user or location argument EPICS Base EPICS Base 5 Low   10 Fix Released
1844537 #1844537 OMSL="closed_loop" doesn't work with constant DOL 7.0 7.0 5 Low Andrew Johnson  10 Fix Released
1699229 #1699229 Joinable threads EPICS Base EPICS Base 6 Wishlist mdavidsaver  10 Fix Released

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