Plasma 5 Beta 2

Written for KDE SC by yurikoles on 2014-06-13

The next generation desktop from KDE is taking shape and the second
beta is out now for testing. The developers have settled on a name -
Plasma 5, and there is only one month to go until the first release so
please test packages from your distro or download the Neon 5 Live ISO
to see what is working and what needs fixed.

The main layout of the desktop remains similar to previous versions,
no massive new workflows here, but it has been entirely remade in Qt
Quick to give it a smoother more dynamic feel. The new Breeze artwork
from the Visual Design Group is taking shape and various elements made
more consistent so the widget explorer, window and activity switcher
now share a common feel. As with any major release some features are
yet to be ported and some new problems will have slipped in, do let
use know how you find it.

Neon 5 ISO

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