Launchpad 10.01: bug heat

Written for Launchpad Suite by Matthew Revell on 2010-01-28

The Launchpad team is proud to announce Launchpad 10.01, released on
January 27th 2010!

Highlights this month include:

 * Bug heat: a new estimate of each bug's likely impact.
 * Improved patch handling on bug reports.
 * Anonymous read-only access to the Launchpad web service API.

Let's take a look in detail.

Bug heat

You can get extra help in judging a bug's significance by using Launchpad's
new bug heat measure.

In the top-right of bug pages, and in a new column on bug listings, you'll see
four flame icons. The more of those flames are lit, the "hotter" the bug is.

Launchpad measures a bug's heat depending on how many people are subscribed,
whether it’s a security issue, how many people have marked the bug as
affecting them, and so on.

Here are Ubuntu's bugs, sorted by bug heat:

And here's a bug report that has all four flames lit:

For the detail of how Launchpad calculates bug heat, see our development wiki:

New bug patch notifications and icons

In bug listings, there's a new sticking plaster icon that shows you which bugs
have a patch attached.

Also, Launchpad will now email you when someone attaches a patch to a bug to
which you're subscribed.

Anonymous web service API access

Leonard blogs that:

  Your launchpadlib scripts can now get read-only access to the Launchpad web
  service API without going through any authorization process. Previously,
  to authorize your script, you had to open a web page in the end-user's web
  browser and get the user to click a button. Now, you only have to go through
  that process if you want to access someone's private data or modify the
  Launchpad dataset on their behalf.

Read his full post at:

Community contributions

Thanks to Launchpad community members Jamal Fainan, Willian Grant, Brian
Murray and Adi Roiban whose code landed in Launchpad during the 10.01 cycle.

There's more detail here:

New contributors are always welcome. Find out more on the Launchpad dev wiki:

Also in Launchpad 10.01

You can find full details of the 10.01 release here:

See you next time

We're now using a new numbering scheme for Launchpad's releases. We've chosen
something similar to the Ubuntu style, whereby our release numbers start with
the year, followed by the number of releases so far in that year.

Launchpad 10.02 is due on the 3rd of March 2010.

You can see our full release calendar here:

You can also stay up to date with the latest from the Launchpad team on our

And for a fuller view of the Launchpad community, take a look at the new
Planet Launchpad:

As always, you can join us in #launchpad on Freenode and on the
launchpad-users mailing list:

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