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The Compact Disc Input and Control library encapsulates CD-ROM reading and control and can be used in applications wishing to be oblivious of the OS- and device-dependant properties of a CD-ROM.

Also included are libraries for working with IS0-9660 filesystems (libiso9660) and CD-DA jitter/error correction (libcdio_paranoia and libcdio_cdda).

Some support for disk images like CDRWIN's BIN/CUE, cdrdao's TOC, and Nero's NRG disk-image format is available. Thus, applications that use this library also have the ability to read disc images as though they were CD's.

Immediate uses are VCDImager, a navigation-capable Video CD plugin
and CD-DA plugins for the media players xine and videolan's vlc.

An implementaion of cdparaoia is also included. Other utility programs include a program for displaying CD information (cd-info), for playing audio CD's via audio controls (cdda-player), for showing CD-ROM and drive capabilities (cd-drive), reading the blocks of a CD (cd-read) and extracting a file from an ISO 9660 image (iso-read).

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