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1 Maximilian Blazek, 3 Nick De Villiers, 4 Peter Makowski, 1 Thorsten Merten
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1696512 #1696512 Adding a KVM pod over the UI doesn’t provide the option to skip commissioning pre-existing VMs 4 Medium   1 Incomplete
1905610 #1905610 Inconsistent validation of A DNS records 1 Undecided   4 Won't Fix
1793831 #1793831 Provide a way to disable swap files added by default to all deployed machines 0 Unknown   7 Triaged
1974480 #1974480 changing image source forces re-select all images and architecture individually step by step 0 Unknown   7 Triaged
1998615 #1998615 Rack controller status flapping when "ClusterClient connection lost" messages in rackd.log 3 High Nick De Villiers  7 Triaged
1901905 #1901905 Updating DNS records yields unexpected results 4 Medium Peter Makowski  7 Triaged
1953388 #1953388 Default gateway is not set 4 Medium   7 Triaged
1975476 #1975476 In the UI, after selecting two interfaces to create a network bond, app hangs and loads forever 4 Medium Peter Makowski  7 Triaged
1977661 #1977661 Create Bridge and Bond buttons grayed out where they should not be 4 Medium   7 Triaged
2037752 #2037752 Compose virsh machine will not accept positive value for cores or RAM 4 Medium Thorsten Merten  7 Triaged
1811386 #1811386 Machine event log sometimes show an (i) icon, but doesn't explain what it means 5 Low Maximilian Blazek  7 Triaged
2012465 #2012465 UI: overcommit ratio is not editable using the text box 5 Low Peter Makowski  7 Triaged
2017155 #2017155 "Different channel detected" error with an air-gapped deployment 5 Low   7 Triaged
2020399 #2020399 MAAS UI bug: unable to deploy custom images without reselecting default 5 Low Nick De Villiers  7 Triaged
1930001 #1930001 Frequent full-screen "Error: the server connection failed" messages 4 Medium Peter Makowski  9 Fix Committed
2023633 #2023633 UI filtering on Workloads does not trigger new websocket requests and does not add checkbox on filter entries 4 Medium Nick De Villiers  9 Fix Committed
1928873 #1928873 MAAS Web UI doesn't allow specifying soft stop_mode 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
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