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gtk+3.0 (3.24.38-5ubuntu1) mantic; urgency=medium

  * Resynchronize with Debian, remaining changes:
    + debian/ Build-Depend on dh-sequence-translations
    + Install a settings.ini file to set our themes
    + Update debian/libgtk-3-0.symbols for ubuntu_gtk_custom_menu_items.patch
    + Ubuntu-specific patches:
      - 073_treeview_almost_fixed.patch
      - bzg_gtkcellrenderer_grabbing_modifier.patch
      - ubuntu_gtk_custom_menu_items.patch
      - print-dialog-show-options-of-remote-dnssd-printers.patch
      - uimanager-guard-against-nested-node-updates.patch
      - x-canonical-accel.patch
      - message-dialog-restore-traditional-look-on-unity.patch
      - 0001-gtk-reftest-Force-icon-theme-to-Adwaita.patch
      - restore_filechooser_typeaheadfind.patch
      - 0001-calendar-always-emit-day-selected-once.patch
      - 0001-gtkwindow-set-transparent-background-color.patch
      - unity-border-radius.patch
      - unity-headerbar-maximized-mode.patch

gtk+3.0 (3.24.38-5) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Amin Bandali ]
  * Change packaging branch to debian/latest

  [ Simon McVittie ]
  * d/patches: Update to upstream gtk-3-24 branch commit
    3.24.38-60-gecf3ac115d, excluding Windows- and macOS-specific changes
    - d/p/Use-correct-stat-struct-for-ftw.patch:
      Ensure that consistent types are used when updating icon cache
    - d/p/Make-sure-that-the-charcode-is-signless.patch,
      Fix parsing of non-ASCII CSS on architectures with signed char
    - d/p/This-commit-fixes-a-performance-issue-on-X11-systems-in-r.patch:
      When using X11, improve performance of Inkscape and Totem by removing
      code that was intended to be a fast-path, but in fact became slower
      than the more generic implementation (as used on Wayland) due to
      changes elsewhere in the ecosystem
    - d/p/x11-Trap-XRandr-errors-when-getting-outputs-during-init-a.patch:
      When using X11, catch errors if we are querying Xrandr outputs
      while they are being updated
    - d/p/gtkmountoperation-avoid-SEGV-after-bad-password-input.patch:
      Don't segfault after incorrect password entry when mounting a
    - d/p/popover-Remove-useless-if-case.patch:
      Diagnose NULL parameter to gtk_popover_get_pointing_to() as a
      programming error as intended
    - d/p/Popover-Clarify-guard-out-rect-of-get_pointing_to.patch:
      Initialize result of gtk_popover_get_pointing_to() if it is not
      pointing to anything
    - d/p/gdk-wayland-Create-pad-devices-on-enter.patch,
      When using Wayland, fix detection of graphics tablets
    - d/p/gdkgl-Check-for-GLsync-before-using-it.patch:
      Fix regression in 3.24.37 causing GL initialization to fail with
      OpenGL < 3.2, for example on imx8mq devices such as MNT Reform or
      Librem 5
    - d/p/gdk-wayland-Switch-behavior-of-BTN_STYLUS-STYLUS2-as-midd.patch:
      When using Wayland, report stylus buttons in the same order as in X11,
      so that the same button opens the right-click menu in both windowing
    - d/p/a11y-atspi-Fix-reporting-table-cell-pos-at-index-0-0.patch:
      Fix reporting of top left cell in a table to accessibility tools
    - d/p/GdkWindow-Check-for-offscreen-windows-in-set_transient_fo.patch,
      Fix a crash seen in GIMP when opening the menu of a combo box on
      an offscreen window, and improve positioning of the resulting menu
    - d/p/GtkApplicationImplDBus-Cancel-DBus-method-calls-on-shutdo.patch
      Fix a use-after-free crash during application quit, particularly
      affecting Inkscape command-line export with GLib >= 2.76, by
      cancelling processing of pending D-Bus calls (Closes: #1051220)
    - d/p/Fix-_gtk_get_slowdown.patch:
      Correct declaration of internal _gtk_get_slowdown() to avoid undefined
    - d/p/ScrolledWindow-Frame-on-viewport-is-not-optional.patch,
      Documentation fixes
    - Translation updates: ca, cs, el, en_GB, es, fa, ka, kk, ko, pa,
      ro, sl, sk, tr

gtk+3.0 (3.24.38-4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Have -dev package depend on libcloudproviders-dev on Debian

gtk+3.0 (3.24.38-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Build with libcloudproviders (on Debian)

 -- Jeremy BĂ­cha <email address hidden>  Mon, 11 Sep 2023 15:05:28 -0400

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