ceph source package in Cosmic

ceph: No summary available for ceph in ubuntu cosmic.
ceph-base: common ceph daemon libraries and management tools
ceph-base-dbgsym: debug symbols for ceph-base
ceph-common: No summary available for ceph-common in ubuntu cosmic.
ceph-common-dbgsym: debug symbols for ceph-common
ceph-fuse: No summary available for ceph-fuse in ubuntu cosmic.
ceph-fuse-dbgsym: debug symbols for ceph-fuse
ceph-mds: No summary available for ceph-mds in ubuntu cosmic.
ceph-mds-dbgsym: debug symbols for ceph-mds
ceph-mgr: manager for the ceph distributed file system
ceph-mgr-dbgsym: debug symbols for ceph-mgr
ceph-mon: monitor server for the ceph storage system
ceph-mon-dbgsym: debug symbols for ceph-mon
ceph-osd: OSD server for the ceph storage system
ceph-osd-dbgsym: debug symbols for ceph-osd
ceph-resource-agents: No summary available for ceph-resource-agents in ubuntu cosmic.
ceph-test: Ceph test and benchmarking tools
ceph-test-dbgsym: debug symbols for ceph-test
libcephfs-dev: Ceph distributed file system client library (development files)
libcephfs-java: No summary available for libcephfs-java in ubuntu cosmic.
libcephfs-jni: Java Native Interface library for CephFS Java bindings
libcephfs-jni-dbgsym: No summary available for libcephfs-jni-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.
libcephfs2: Ceph distributed file system client library
libcephfs2-dbgsym: debug symbols for libcephfs2
librados-dev: No summary available for librados-dev in ubuntu cosmic.
librados-dev-dbgsym: No summary available for librados-dev-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.
librados2: No summary available for librados2 in ubuntu cosmic.
librados2-dbgsym: No summary available for librados2-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.
libradosstriper-dev: RADOS striping interface (development files)
libradosstriper1: RADOS striping interface
libradosstriper1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libradosstriper1
librbd-dev: No summary available for librbd-dev in ubuntu cosmic.
librbd1: RADOS block device client library
librbd1-dbgsym: No summary available for librbd1-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.
librgw-dev: No summary available for librgw-dev in ubuntu cosmic.
librgw2: RADOS Gateway client library
librgw2-dbgsym: debug symbols for librgw2
python-ceph: Meta-package for python libraries for the Ceph libraries
python-cephfs: Python libraries for the Ceph libcephfs library
python-cephfs-dbgsym: debug symbols for python-cephfs
python-rados: No summary available for python-rados in ubuntu cosmic.
python-rados-dbgsym: No summary available for python-rados-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.
python-rbd: Python libraries for the Ceph librbd library
python-rbd-dbgsym: No summary available for python-rbd-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.
python-rgw: No summary available for python-rgw in ubuntu cosmic.
python-rgw-dbgsym: No summary available for python-rgw-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.
python3-ceph-argparse: Python 3 utility libraries for Ceph CLI
python3-cephfs: Python 3 libraries for the Ceph libcephfs library
python3-cephfs-dbgsym: No summary available for python3-cephfs-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.
python3-rados: Python 3 libraries for the Ceph librados library
python3-rados-dbgsym: No summary available for python3-rados-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.
python3-rbd: Python 3 libraries for the Ceph librbd library
python3-rbd-dbgsym: No summary available for python3-rbd-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.
python3-rgw: Python 3 libraries for the Ceph librgw library
python3-rgw-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-rgw
rados-objclass-dev: No summary available for rados-objclass-dev in ubuntu cosmic.
radosgw: No summary available for radosgw in ubuntu cosmic.
radosgw-dbgsym: No summary available for radosgw-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.
rbd-fuse: No summary available for rbd-fuse in ubuntu cosmic.
rbd-fuse-dbgsym: debug symbols for rbd-fuse
rbd-mirror: No summary available for rbd-mirror in ubuntu cosmic.
rbd-mirror-dbgsym: No summary available for rbd-mirror-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.
rbd-nbd: NBD-based rbd client for the Ceph distributed file system
rbd-nbd-dbgsym: debug symbols for rbd-nbd

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Ceph is a distributed network storage and file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability, and scalability.

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Bug tracker: no
Branch: yes

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