Packages in parent series 'Wheezy' but not in 'Precise'


Packages that are listed here are those that have been added to the specific packages in parent series 'Wheezy' that were used to create Precise. They are listed here so you can consider including them in Precise.

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Source Wheezy version Parent package-sets Last changed Latest comment
aboot (changelog)
abtransfers (changelog) by Micha Lenk
accessodf 0.1-2 (changelog) by Sebastian Humenda
acroread (changelog)
actdiag 0.3.3-1 (changelog) by Kouhei Maeda
activeldap (changelog)
acx100 (changelog)
adblock-plus 2.1-1+deb7u1 (changelog) by UNera
adlint 1.10.0-1 (changelog) by Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers
adminer 3.3.3-1 (changelog) by medhamsh
adobe-flashplugin (changelog)
advene 1.0-1 (changelog) by Debian Multimedia Maintainers
aee (changelog) 2.2.15b-6 2.2.15b-6
aegisub 2.1.9-1 (changelog) by Sebastian Reichel
aghermann (changelog) by Andrei Zavada
aimage (changelog)
aircrack-ng (changelog)
alcovebook-sgml (changelog)
alembic 0.3.4+ds-3 (changelog) by Debian Python Modules Team
all-in-one-sidebar 0.7.16+really-0.7.14-1 (changelog) by Debian Mozilla Extension Maintainers
all-knowing-dns 1.3-1 (changelog) by Michael
allegro4.4 2:4.4.2-2.1 (changelog) by Debian Games Group
alsa-base 1.0.25+3~deb7u1 (changelog) by Debian ALSA Maintainers
alt-key 2.2.5-1 (changelog) by David Paleino
amara (changelog)
amd64-microcode 1.20160316.1 (changelog) by Henrique de Moraes Holschuh
amrita (changelog)
amsn (changelog) 0.98.4-4 0.98.4-4
anet 0.1-3 (changelog) by Reto Buerki
app-install-data 2012.06.16.1 (changelog) by Julian Andres Klode
apt-listbugs 0.1.8+deb7u1 (changelog) by Francesco Poli (wintermute)
apt-spacewalk 1.0.6-2.1 (changelog) by Miroslav Suchý
apt-spy 3.2.2-1 (changelog) by Stefano Canepa
arb (changelog) 5.3-3 5.3-3
archfs (changelog)
aster (changelog) 10.6.0-1-4 10.6.0-1-4
asterisk-espeak 2.1-1 (changelog) by Jonas Smedegaard
asterisk-flite 2.1-1.1 (changelog) by Jonas Smedegaard
audacious-dumb 0.80-1 (changelog) by Debian QA Group
auralquiz 0.8.1-1 (changelog) by Debian Games Group
autoconf-dickey 2.52+20101002-2 (changelog) by Sven Joachim
autoconf-gl-macros 20101226-1 (changelog) by Paul Wise (Debian)
autofs 5.0.7-3 (changelog) by Michael Tokarev
automatic-save-folder 1.0.4-3 (changelog) by Debian Mozilla Extension Maintainers
automaton 1.11-8-1 (changelog) by Debian Java Maintainers
avida (changelog)
awn-extras-applets (changelog) 0.4.0-5 0.4.0-5
basilisk2 0.9.20120331-2 (changelog) by Jonas Smedegaard
bespin 0.r1552-1 (changelog) by Debian KDE Extras Team
biber 0.9.9+release-1 (changelog) by Debian Perl Group
150 of 1869 results