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Saucy will be delivered in October 2013. It will be designated 13.10.

The Saucy Salamander has no packages recorded in Launchpad.

Series information

Saucy (13.10)
Project drivers:
Ubuntu Drivers, Ubuntu Release Team
Release manager:
Ubuntu Release Team
Derives from:
Wheezy (7.0)
Derived series:
No derived series.
Source packages:
No sources imported or published.
Binary packages:
No binaries imported or published.

Derived from Wheezy


Upstream packaging

5534  source packages are linked to registered upstream projects. 0  need linking.

Recently linked to upstream:

mhonarc linked

thunderbird linked by Mathew Hodson

gpredict linked by Jan Simon

duo-unix linked

stevedore linked


17 of 7 results
Version Expected Summary
Ubuntu saucy-updates None
Ubuntu ubuntu-13.10 2013-10-31 Six months after 13.04.
Ubuntu ubuntu-13.09 2013-09-30 Five months after 13.04.
Ubuntu ubuntu-13.08 2013-08-31 Four months after 13.04.
Ubuntu ubuntu-13.07 2013-07-31 Three months after 13.04.
Ubuntu ubuntu-13.06 2013-06-30 Two months after 13.04.
Ubuntu ubuntu-13.05 2013-05-31 One month after 13.04.
17 of 7 results

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