Binary package “python-keystoneclient” in ubuntu xenial

client library for the OpenStack Keystone API - Python 2.x

 This is the identity service used by OpenStack for authentication (authN)
 and high-level authorization (authZ). It currently supports token-based
 authN with user/service authZ, and is scalable to support OAuth, SAML,
 and OpenID in future versions. Out of the box, Keystone uses SQLite for
 its identity store database, with the option to connect to external LDAP.
 This is a client for the OpenStack Keystone API. There's a Python API
 (the "keystoneclient" module), and a command-line script ("keystone").
 Installing this package gets you a shell command, that you can use to
 interact with Keystone's API. Note that the "keystone" command line is
 currently deprecated in favor of the "openstack" one available within
 the "python-openstackclient" package.
 This package contains the Python 2.x module.