wdiff 1.2.1 released

Written for wdiff by Martin von Gagern on 2013-03-09

I'm happy to announce the release of wdiff 1.2.1.

We now have translations for Esperanto. There were also updates for many others: Czech, German, Spanish, Finnish, Galician, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. Updates to translations became neccessary due to a recent bug fix, but many of these updates contained a number of improvements besides that required change.

This release uses more recent versions of autotools and gnulib. The former avoids a security vulnerability in some dist* targets, and both might help portability of this package.

In case you wonder about the version number: the 1.2.0 release was a beta intended only for translators.

There were no modifications to the core code of the application.

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