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maas Ubuntu Focal 1:0.7 None

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
maas maas-3.4-next - Ubuntu Jammy 1:3.4.0~rc2-14314-g.53d5ac1f4-0ubuntu1~22.04.1 None
temporalio temporalio-test - Ubuntu Jammy 1.3.0-5~ppa1 None
sqlalchemy maas-api-deps - Ubuntu Jammy 2.0.18+ds1~maas0-1 None
python-aldjemy maas-api-deps - Ubuntu Jammy 1.6.0-1 None
fastapi maas-api-deps - Ubuntu Lunar 0.91.0-6 None
fastapi maas-api-deps - Ubuntu Jammy 0.91.0-4 None
starlette maas-api-deps - Ubuntu Jammy 0.25.0-3 None
python-typing-extensions maas-api-deps - Ubuntu Jammy 4.4.0-1 None
python-pylxd Dependencies for lp:maas - Ubuntu Mantic 2.3.2~alpha1-433-10-g.1f1f903~ubuntu23.10.1 None