Assigned bugs

18 of 8 results
Fix Committed
block-storage-broker (Juju Charms Collection) 6
simplestreams (Ubuntu) 8
Fix Committed
#1295340 readme fixup
csmith-code 6
In Progress
block-storage-broker (Juju Charms Collection) 6
In Progress
Fix Committed
Glance - Simplestreams Sync Charm 20
18 of 8 results

Chad Smith's teams

“autopkgtest-requestors” team
“Bug Supervisors for Ubuntu Translations” team
“Bug Zappers” team
“Canonical content creators” team
“Canonical Livepatch Dependencies Team” team
“Canonical Salesforce User Community” team
“Canonical Server” team
“Canonical Ubuntu Platform” team
“Cisco VPP” team
“Citrix Client” team
“Cloud Deck Team” team
“cloud-init Bug Control” team
“cloud-init Commiters” team
“cloud-init” team
“cloud-initramfs-tools” team
“cloud-utils-devs” team
“cobbler” team
“Crash bug triagers for Ubuntu packages” team
“curtin developers” team
“facter plugins” team
“Fake Juju team” team
“Greater Cloud Image Team” team
“insights.u.c authors” team
“Landscape Bugs” team
“Landscape Charmers” team
“Landscape Development Tools Team” team
“Landscape” team
“latch-hackers” team
“Launchpad OCI Builders” team
“Launchpad's Hardware Database Team” team
“Legacy LMA Charmers” team
“Llama (LMA) Charmers - NEXT” team
“Llama (LMA) Charmers” team
“MAAS Development” team
“OEM Priority Team” team
“orchestra” team
“orchestra-modules” team
“orchestra-puppet-recipes” team
“Plum grid team” team
“pollinate” team
“prometheus-snap-developers” team
“pycloudlib-devs” team
“Server Team CI” team
“simplestreams-dev” team
“ssh-import-id” team
“Subiquity” team
“Tarmac Control Tower” team
“The Grover team” team
“The Maza team” team
“txAWS Technical List” team
“txStatsD Developers” team
“UA for Apps Devs” team
“Ubuntu Advantage Client” team
“Ubuntu App Developer site editors” team
“Ubuntu Bug Control” team
“Ubuntu Docker Images” team
“Ubuntu Manpage Repository Developers” team
“Ubuntu Manpage” team
“Ubuntu Openstack Installer” team
“Ubuntu Server papercutters” team
“Ubuntu Server QA” team
“Ubuntu Server” team
“Work Item Tracker Configuration Admins” team