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Currently Meteos only rely on Spark Machine learning library. As an cloud operator, We should be able to support multiple Machine learning technologies so that end user will benefit of this service instead of going to other providers for specific support. TensorFlow is well known machine learning library developed b...
Should be a fairly self-contained piece of functionality... we want to add support for (versioned) notification events to the placement service. Things needed: * Short nova-spec submitted for Pike * Drop/lift SOME of the code from nova/notifications/ ** Basically, we want the generic stuff, not the crufty o...
We need to implement new framework as the standards set by the openstack community. So I am introducing the API framework for tacker.
Add NUMA topology details in the host details for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Implement Nova API v2.1 extension, that exposes host hypervisor NUMA topology. For example, if host contains 2 cells with 4 cores each, then new extension should return following attribute: cells = [{'id': 0, cpuset: [0, 1, 2, 3]}, {'id': 1, cpuset: [4, 5, 6, 7]}]
In the last team meeting [1], we decided to support mesos-bay on both Ubuntu/CentOS and CoreOS so that operators can pick the OS they like. The Ubuntu/CentOS support is track on another BP [2]. This BP is for CoreOS support. [1]

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