Started with Net-BSD on an Amiga 3000 in 1995 i got more interested in *nixe for computers. In 1997 i installed a watchtower linux on the Amiga with KDE 0.9. Their after the first i386 appears to run with debian for many years. I was never a windows user, first the Amiga os 2.0 to 3.1 do the job. Later tiny desktops like windowmaker on linux were my goals. Today i can look back to 20 years of linux and opensource, it's great and amazing to experience the grow and pretty new ideas. It was a long way from first distributions with full compile and a configuration hell to nice gui that do the same with some click.

A collection of hardware is in use with Ubuntu or Linuxmint, like Thinkpad e11, Thinkpad X200t and an Asus Z5 with very good effort, but only on long term releases. The Ubuntuphone Aquaris was a shot in the oven, suspended into a drawer after 3 months. My bugreports are sleeping and unresolved since a year, basic functions like whatsapp or bluetooth audio full protocol or fitbit sync never appears on the phone. Every half year i put it out for updates but the above stay unresolved.

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