Team participation for Gabor Kelemen

Gabor Kelemen is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Expires Role Via Mailing List
Bug Supervisors for Ubuntu Translations Member Ubuntu Translations Coordinators
Canonical Contributor Agreement 2011-08-19 Member
Launchpad Hungarian Translators 2012-04-25 Admin Not subscribed
Package Description Translator Developer Team 2010-04-17 Admin
Planet Ubuntu Member Ubuntu Members
Ubuntu Hungarian ISO team 2012-04-29 Admin
Ubuntu Hungarian Translators 2005-08-26 Owner
Ubuntu Hungary 2010-06-03 Member
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Hungary
Ubuntu Members 2009-09-01 2024-08-28 Member
Ubuntu Translations Coordinators 2010-02-23 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Translations Portal Editors Member Ubuntu Translations Coordinators
Ubuntu Wiki Editors Member Ubuntu Members
elementary Hungarian Translators Member Ubuntu Hungarian Translators Not subscribed
elementary Translators (deprecated) Member elementary Hungarian Translators, Ubuntu Hungarian Translators Not subscribed