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Michael Hudson-Doyle's teams

“Aarti Team” team
“Anjali Team” team
“Application Indicator Upstream Applications” team
“Apport upstream developers” team
“Auto Upgrade Testing Developers” team
“Autopilot Hackers” team
“autopkgtest-requestors” team
“Avantika Team” team
“awstools development team” team
“Ayatana Discussion” team
“ayatana-commits” team
“Bileto Users” team
“Bug Supervisors for Ubuntu Translations” team
“bzr-doc-chinese-contributors” team
“Canonical committers for Launchpad and related projects” team
“Canonical content creators” team
“Canonical Contributor Agreement” team
“Canonical Desktop Experience Team” team
“Canonical Django Hackers” team
“Canonical Foundations Team” team
“Canonical Launchpad Branches” team
“Canonical Platform QA Jenkins” team
“Canonical Platform QA Team” team
“Canonical Public Cloud” team
“Canonical Ubuntu Platform” team
“Canonical-Twisted Alumni” team
“Cape Girardeau Team” team
“CE Hyperscale” team
“CE Security team” team
“Cloud Image Release Managers” team
“Cloud Support” team
“CluTK Team” team
“Compiz Linaro Team” team
“Compiz Maintainers” team
“compiz packagers” team
“computer-janitor-hackers” team
“Crash bug triagers for Ubuntu packages” team
“cri-o-snap-squad” team
“CU2D maintainers” team
“curtin developers” team
“DBus Menu Team” team
“DesktopFolder Team” team
“Developers of netplan” team
“Development of Ubuntu software for UEFI platforms” team
“Editors of” team
“Edubuntu Bugsquad” team
“Edubuntu Developers” team
“Edubuntu Menu Editor development team” team
“Emeritus Canonical Launchpad engineers” team
“Emeritus Launchpad engineers” team
“Farsi Fonts” team
“Friends of LibZeitgeist” team
“gcovr maintainers” team
“Geonames developers” team
“GNOME Power Manager Team” team
“GNOME3 Team” team
“Google SDK Development Team” team
“Greater Cloud Image Team” team
“GTK+ C++ interface Ubuntu maintainers” team
“Hudson Ubuntu Users” team
“Indicator Applet Developers” team
“Indicator Network Developers” team
“indicator-sound-developers” team
“Juju Contributors” team
“Juju Engineering” team
“Juju-Jitsu Hackers” team
“Kubuntu CI” team
“Kubuntu Developers” team
“Kubuntu Netbook” team
“Kubuntu Ninjas - Yellow belts” team
“Kubuntu Ninjas” team
“Kubuntu Package Archives” team
“Kubuntu Packagers” team
“Kubuntu Updates Testing” team
“Launch Lite Team” team
“Launchpad Beta Testers” team
“Launchpad code reviewers from Canonical” team
“Launchpad code reviewers” team
“Launchpad Development mailing list” team
“Launchpad Live Filesystem Builders” team
“Launchpad Snap Builders” team
“Launchpad Users” team
“Launchpad's Hardware Database Team” team
“Liblauncher Devel” team
“LibZeitgeist Developers” team
“Linaro Android Build Service admins” team
“Linaro Android Builders” team
“Linaro Android Official Builders” team
“Linaro CI Builder and Testing service” team
“Linaro Infrastructure Stakeholders” team
“livecd-rootfs Maintainers” team
“Loggerhead Reviewers” team
“Loggerhead Team” team
“Lubuntu Code” team
“Lubuntu Continuous Integration” team
“Lubuntu Developers” team
“Lubuntu Software Center Team” team
“Lubuntu” team
“Maintainers of the Go Snap” team
“Modem Manager Team” team
“MongoDB for ARMv8 Team” team
“MOTU” team
“mythbuntu-dev” team
“Network-manager” team
“Notify OSD Developers” team
“OEM Archive Admins” team
“OEM Priority Team” team
“OEM Share” team
“OEM Solutions Infrastructure” team
“Offspring Hackers” team
“OIF Packaging” team
“OpenStack Ubuntu packagers” team
“PackageKit-Team” team
“People who manage Contributor Agreements” team
“Planet Ubuntu” team
“PPA for docker (restricted)” team
“PPA for Ubuntu Toolchain Uploads (restricted)” team
“PyGdb Hackers” team
“python-oops-tools reviewers” team
“Server Team CI” team
“Snappy Developers RISC-V” team
“Snappy Developers” team
“Storm Developers” team
“Subiquity” team
“Super Friends” team
“The Aberdeen team” team
“The Cpc-bigstep team” team
“The Cpc-cloudsigma team” team
“The Cpc-dimension-data team” team
“The Cpc-fujitsu team” team
“The Cpc-interoute team” team
“The Cpc-1-net team” team
“The Cpc-rax team” team
“The Cpc-softlayer team” team
“The Cpc-t-systems team” team
“The Go Language Gophers” team
“The Go Launchpad Team” team
“The Marcola team” team
“The Omsk Team” team
“The Pearl Team” team
“The snappy-debug snap developers” team
“The Tay team” team
“The Yarmouth team” team
“Theme Shimmers” team
“Timezone Map Team” team
“Tritemio Maintainers” team
“Turkey Pop-up Team” team
“Ubiquity Slideshow” team
“Ubuntu App Developer site editors” team
“Ubuntu Archive Test Rebuilds” team
“Ubuntu Artwork Packagers” team
“Ubuntu Audio Development Team” team
“Ubuntu Bazaar Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu branches” team
“Ubuntu Budgie Developers” team
“Ubuntu Budgie Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Budgie” team
“Ubuntu Bug Control” team
“Ubuntu CI managed package branches” team
“Ubuntu Cinnamon Developers” team
“Ubuntu CLI/Mono Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Cloud Images” team
“Ubuntu Concept” team
“Ubuntu Contributing Developers” team
“Ubuntu Core Development Team” team
“Ubuntu Core Service Team” team
“Ubuntu Desktop Extra Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Desktop” team
“Ubuntu Developers” team
“Ubuntu Development Team (bugmail catching gateway)” team
“Ubuntu Development Team” team
“Ubuntu Documentation Committers” team
“Ubuntu Documentation Project Team” team
“Ubuntu Foundations Bugs” team
“Ubuntu Foundations Team” team
“Ubuntu Game Developers” team
“Ubuntu GeoIP Team” team
“Ubuntu Geonames Hackers” team
“Ubuntu GNOME bug control” team
“Ubuntu GNOME Developers” team
“Ubuntu GNOME Flashback” team
“Ubuntu GNOME” team
“Ubuntu Input Methods Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Installer Team” team
“Ubuntu Kernel DKMS Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Kernel Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Kylin Members” team
“Ubuntu Kylin Quality” team
“Ubuntu Landing PPAs” team
“Ubuntu language pack builders” team
“Ubuntu Local Community Teams” team
“Ubuntu MATE Developers” team
“Ubuntu MATE Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Members” team
“Ubuntu Mozilla Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu NetworkManager Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu New Zealand Team” team
“Ubuntu OIF uploaders” team
“Ubuntu on EC2” team
“Ubuntu on Windows Azure” team
“Ubuntu OpenStack uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Packaging Guide Team” team
“Ubuntu Phablet Team” team
“Ubuntu Public Cloud” team
“Ubuntu Push Hackers” team
“Ubuntu Pythoneers” team
“Ubuntu Qt Code” team
“Ubuntu Raspberry Pi Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Runlists Devs” team
“Ubuntu Schooltool Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Security Team for Mozilla software” team
“Ubuntu Server Developers” team
“Ubuntu Server ec2 Testing Developers” team
“Ubuntu Server Staged Uploads” team
“Ubuntu Server” team
“Ubuntu Sponsors” team
“Ubuntu Studio Development” team
“Ubuntu Studio Nightly” team
“Ubuntu Studio PPA” team
“Ubuntu Studio Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Sugar Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Test Case Developers” team
“Ubuntu Testcase Admins” team
“Ubuntu Testing Tools Team” team
“Ubuntu Toolchain Hackers” team
“Ubuntu Transition Trackers” team
“Ubuntu Ubuntu One Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Virtualization Developers” team
“Ubuntu Wiki Editors” team
“Ubuntu Xorg uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Zentyal Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Zope Uploaders” team
“UbuntuKylin Community Team” team
“UbuntuKylin Developers” team
“UbuntuKylin Documentation Team” team
“Unity Control Center development team” team
“Unity7 Maintainers Team” team
“Unity Photos Lens” team
“Unity Settings Daemon Development Team” team
“Unity Stats Developers” team
“Unity Team” team
“Unity Videos lens” team
“UnityX” team
“UNR Developers” team
“Uploaders for the ubuntu-qt-packages packageset” team
“Uploaders to the Xubuntu packageset” team
“usb-creator hackers” team
“UTAH Dev” team
“Vagrant Cloud Images” team
“Wasilla Team” team
“Work Item Tracker Configuration Admins” team
“xsplash team” team
“Xubuntu Artwork” team
“Xubuntu Developers” team