Assigned bugs

12 of 2 results
12 of 2 results

Rico Tzschichholz's teams

“Activity Log Manager” team
“Audience Members” team
“BeatBox Team” team
“Bug Supervisors for Ubuntu Translations” team
“computer-janitor-hackers” team
“Contractor Developers” team
“Crash bug triagers for Ubuntu packages” team
“Debian Multimedia Maintainers” team
“DesktopFolder Team” team
“Developers of Friends” team
“Dockers” team
“Docky Core” team
“Docky Users” team
“elementary Application Drivers” team
“elementary Apps team” team
“elementary Azerbaijani Translators (deprecated)” team
“elementary Brazilian Portuguese Translators” team
“elementary core” team
“elementary Developer Community” team
“elementary Drive-by Contributors” team
“elementary Indonesian Translators” team
“elementary Japanese Translators” team
“elementary Lithuanian Translators” team
“elementary Management Board” team
“elementary OS Project Drivers” team
“elementary OS team” team
“elementary Pantheon Drivers” team
“elementary Pantheon team” team
“Elementary Simple Scan Maintainers” team
“elementary Swedish Translators” team
“elementary Systems Administrator Community” team
“elementary Translators (deprecated)” team
“elementary Urdu Translators” team
“elementary UX” team
“elementary Web team” team
“elementaryart (old)” team
“elementarydesign (old)” team
“elementaryos (old)” team
“Euclide Developers” team
“Feedler Hackers” team
“Friends of GNOME Zeitgeist” team
“Gaffel hackers” team
“Gala developers” team
“GNOME3 Team” team
“Graphics Drivers” team
“GStreamer developers” team
“Intel graphics driver testing” team
“Launchpad Beta Testers” team
“Launchpad Users” team
“LibreOffice Packaging” team
“MOTU Media Team” team
“Mozilla Bugs” team
“Mozilla Extensions Team” team
“Mozilla Team” team
“My mom runs ubuntu!” team
“Pantheon for Debian project maintainers” team
“Photos Devs” team
“Planet Ubuntu” team
“Slingshot Developers” team
“Synapse core team” team
“Testers of the graphics-driver PPA” team
“The elementary Project” team
“Ubuntu Budgie Developers” team
“Ubuntu Budgie” team
“Ubuntu Bug Control” team
“Ubuntu BugSquad” team
“Ubuntu cloaked people on Libera” team
“Ubuntu Cyclists” team
“Ubuntu Developers” team
“Ubuntu Development Team (bugmail catching gateway)” team
“Ubuntu Development Team” team
“Ubuntu GNOME bug control” team
“Ubuntu GNOME” team
“Ubuntu Members” team
“Ubuntu Mozilla Daily Build Team” team
“Ubuntu Packaging Guide Team” team
“Ubuntu Quality” team
“Ubuntu Transition Trackers” team
“Ubuntu Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Users” team
“Ubuntu Wiki Editors” team
“Ubuntu-MozillaSquad” team
“Ubuntu-X” team
“Vala Team” team
“WebKit Team” team
“Wildfire Games” team
“WingPanel Devs” team
“xorg crack pushers” team
“Zeitgeist Extensions” team
“Zeitgeist Framework Team” team
“Zeitgeist Project Team” team