Team participation for Saptarshi Roy

Saptarshi Roy is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Expires Role Via Mailing List
Bug Zappers 2021-01-01 Member
Debian GNU/Linux Users 2021-05-22 Member
Indian Local Community 2020-09-07 Member
Kubuntu Testers 2021-05-22 Member
Kubuntu Users 2021-05-22 Member
Laptop Testing Team 2021-01-01 Member Not subscribed
Launchpad Beta Testers 2021-01-01 Member
Lubuntu 2022-08-03 Member
Lubuntu Global 2021-07-18 Member Not subscribed
NewDocs 2020-08-22 Member
Not Canonical 2021-01-07 Member
Ubuntu Hindi Translators (ubuntu-l10n-hi) 2021-01-01 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Indic Testers 2021-01-01 Member
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu-Bangalore
Ubuntu Marketing Team 2021-01-01 Member
Ubuntu Quality 2021-01-01 Member
Ubuntu Stackexchange 2021-01-01 Member
Ubuntu Wiki Editors 2021-01-26 Member
Ubuntu Youth Team 2021-01-01 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu in NGOs 2021-01-03 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu-Bangalore 2021-08-20 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu-Tour Team 2021-07-18 Member Not subscribed
Unity and Ubuntu Users 2021-01-01 Member
Xubuntu Users 2020-10-26 Member
ubuntu Kolkata 2021-01-01 Member Not subscribed