Team participation for Ted Gould

Ted Gould is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Expires Role Via Mailing List
2Geom Admins Member Inkscape Administrators
2Geom Hackers Member 2Geom Admins, Inkscape Administrators
Bug Supervisors for Ubuntu Translations Member Ubuntu Bug Control
Central US LoCo's Member Ubuntu Texas LoCo Team, Ubuntu Dallas
Crash bug triagers for Ubuntu packages Member Ubuntu Bug Control
Inkscape Administrators 2007-11-13 Owner
Inkscape Board 2014-01-12 Owner
Inkscape Bug Team 2007-11-27 Member Not subscribed
Inkscape Developers 2009-11-10 Owner
Inkscape Elections Committee 2015-04-21 Owner Subscribed
Inkscape Testers 2008-01-16 Owner
Metrics 2012-05-15 Owner
Planet Ubuntu Member Ubuntu Members
The Data Project LIbrarians 2009-12-31 Owner
Ubuntu Bug Control 2008-03-14 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Dallas 2010-08-03 Member
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Dallas
Ubuntu Members 2008-08-08 2024-08-16 Member
Ubuntu Photographers 2008-11-13 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Texas LoCo Team Member Ubuntu Dallas
Ubuntu Wiki Editors Member Ubuntu Members Member Inkscape Developers
inkscape+alexander Member Inkscape Developers