Ubuntu A.P is sub-project of Ubuntu India that seeks to provide a free, open source desktop experience to the community that reflects the wishes of the users. Above all else, the project seeks to listen to and respond to the requests of the user base.

Our Goals...
Congrats on choosing a path out of darkness and despair of commercial software. Let us come together plan up, and help people know and realize the freedom of Open source.
Let us all help each other by volunteering GNU/Linux.
We are the ones to make our community more interesting so feel free to come up with new ideas.
Get involved in customization projects organized by our enthusiasts for better experience and the best taste of our local community.

We the people at Ubuntu AndhraPradesh have every reason to be proud of and to spread the open source community.
Freedom: freedom to share, freedom to modify, freedom to reproduce is what we fihgt for.
Knowledge: knowledge for the right use and knowledge for self.
Aspire, let us all hope and try to keep up and spread the thought of Sir Linu Torvaldas and Prof. Richard M. Stallmann

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Team wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndhraPradeshTeam
Members page : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndhraPradeshTeam/Members
Forums: http://ubuntu-ap.ubuntuforums.org
IRC: #ubuntu-ap on irc.freenode.net:6667

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