Packages for those who think development versions, experimental and unstable are for old ladies. We want our crack straight from upstream git! Well, straight, we want it built and packaged so we don't need to know what we're doing, except that we will break our X and put our computers on fire.

The main "xorg-edgers" repository might have all kind of updated libraries and stuff, and drivers built here might not work other places. Do not pick single packages from this archive, you will probably need everything to have the whole X stack in sync.

Go break your X here:


The idea is that you file bugs and especially regressions directly upstream at :) If you are not sure or you think it is a packaging issue, file a bug as normal in launchpad (using "ubuntu-bug xorg" or the name of the package) but mark the bug with "[xorg-edgers]" in the title and subscribe the last uploader. Please tell which was the last version to work and the first one to fail. For upstream, the git commit identifier (the 8 hexadecimal digits after the date in the package version) is the most precise version information.

Contributors to xorg-edgers be welcome:

Pulling the code down from the xorg git at and stuffing it into Debian/Ubuntu packages: This is not something you want to do manually every day. We are working on scripts to do this automatically. Get the code from

The scripts and the resulting source packages should work on Debian unstable as well as on Ubuntu. For the moment, the PPA only generates binary packages for Ubuntu, but some people have installed them successfully on Debian unstable.

If you want to help developing these scripts, or upload packages built with these scripts to our archive, please join the team.

Examples (see the README in the bazaar tree for more):

auto-xorg-git ati

auto-xorg-git radeonhd

auto-xorg-git savage

auto-xorg-git -t "~" -g -p libdrm

auto-xorg-git -t "~" -g -H hooks -d origin/ubuntu -p mesa

auto-xorg-git -r hardy -d origin/debian-unstable -H hooks -p x11proto-dri2

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