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Publish your work.
Collaborate with free software communities.

Collaborate with free software communities.

Launchpad is a unique collaboration and hosting platform for software projects.

It brings communities together — regardless of their choice of tools — by making it
easy to share code, bug reports, translations and ideas across projects.

Choose Launchpad to:

Bug tracking

Sharing code means sharing bugs.

Bug tracking

Free software communities often share code, meaning the same bugs can crop up in different contexts.

With Launchpad, you can share bug reports, statuses, patches and comments across project boundaries. You can even share bug data with other trackers, such as Bugzilla and Trac.

There's also everything else you need in a bug tracker: web, email and API interfaces, links between bugs and fixes, team-based delegation and more.

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Code hosting and review

Democratise your code using version control with Launchpad.

Code hosting and tracking

Launchpad and Git or Bazaar distributed version control strip away the barriers to contributing to your project. In just a few key strokes anyone can create their own local branch of your trunk with full version control.

When they're ready, they can upload their branch to Launchpad and propose it for merging back into your trunk. Code review — by web and email — gives you a public forum to discuss and approve or reject the merge.

You can even use Launchpad to mirror Git repositories, or to import Git, CVS and Subversion repositories into Bazaar branches.

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Translators shouldn’t have to be software engineers.


See your software translated by a community of over 47,000 people working in 293 languages.

Launchpad makes translation easy for everyone. Translators get a simple web interface, with automatic suggestions from a library of more than 16 million strings.

You, as project owner, decide the balance between openness and quality. And you get standard GNU GetText files for integration with your software.

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Ubuntu package building and hosting

Distribute software to Ubuntu users.

Package building and hosting

Build and distribute Ubuntu packages using your own personal APT repository, hosted by Launchpad.

Whether you're publishing experimental builds, backports or betas, your Personal Package Archive lets end-users install your packages using the tools they already know and with automatic updates.

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Blueprint – specification tracking

Track new features from idea to implementation.

Blueprint - specification tracking

Community planning for your project's road map. Anyone can use Launchpad to register a blueprint for your project, while you decide the priority and time-scales.

Target chunks of work to forthcoming releases, see who’s working on them and track their progress.

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Answers – community support

Help your users to help themselves.

Answers - community support

Track help requests just like bug reports, with community support contacts, statuses and email notifications.

When you come across common questions add them to your FAQ library and you get a searchable knowledge base for free. If a support request is actually a bug, no problem: one click and it becomes a bug report.

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