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Framework to prepair FOSS 2in1 DVD (lin+win).
From the list of (about 300) programs with various descriptions we generate Linux metapackages, html files for welcome centre + Windows html + anything :). Scripts include list filtering logic and html generation.

There is centralised list (currently in 'free_software_4edu+sci+etc.ods') of programs (or www resources) with descriptions. Now the list is biased towards Education/Science, but it's easy to change.

You can take a look at the general structure:

The categorization system might seem strange but is comfortable and flexible enough.
Now we have 7 *sections* (with ability to have overlapping subsections): Science/Research, Education, Creativity and fun, Office, Internet, Programing, System tools.
There are more specefic/narrow *categories*, which don't overlap.
And there is *keywords* field -- for search purposes only (currently).
Popularity Ratings (based on our own experience, keeping an eye on OS news and some internet listings)

3 main DESTINATIONS for the list info to go: Windows, Linux, WWW: mostly we prepare centralized html (genshi) templates with some if clauses. Also metapackage sources for Linux and lch files for cdbrowserkit.

It is also possible to make *bilingual content * (local + en), or similar way prepare collections *filtered by* rating-limit (for example), which you can toggle.

also in ENGLISH (beta)
iso download:

ps.: Help wished :)
As the system expands, it becomes ugly, so if somenone would help to organize and tidy the code -- I'd be very glad :)
Some automatic tests will be really needed if more people get involved (this is probably my duty)
Also internationalization development might need help (especially issues, as we have no experience with them)
web-frontend would rock! any (python) suggestions?
Theming for html/templates is also nice idea
Screenshots and logos are also needed (now I took some from,,, /usr/share/icons, /usr/share/pixmaps)

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