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uCommon is a lightweight C++ library to facilitate using C++ design patterns even for very deeply embedded applications, such as for systems using uClibc along with POSIX threading support. For this reason, uCommon disables language features that consume memory or introduce runtime overhead. uCommon introduces some design patterns from Objective-C, such as reference counted objects, memory pools, and smart pointers. uCommon also introduces some new concepts for handling of thread locking and synchronization.

Both Common C++ and uCommon are cross-platform portable and C++ compiler agnostic, offering support on GNU/Linux, various BSD systems, GNU/Hurd, OS/X, Microsoft Windows, QNX, and other platforms. uCommon in particular can be used in deeply embedded platforms, and also offers user-mode thread emulation on non-threaded platforms such as Minix using the GNU pth library.

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