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The GNOME Project is an initiative to produce a free desktop software framework. GNOME is more than a set of applications, it is a user interface standard (the Gnome HIG) and a set of libraries that allow applications to work together in a harmonious desktop-ish way.

The Gnome Project was founded to build on the success of early applications using the Gtk GUI toolkit. Many of those applications are still part of Gnome, and the Gtk toolkit remains an essential part of Gnome.

Gnome applications cover the full spectrum from office productivity applications to games, digital camera applications, and of course the Gnome Panel which acts as a launcher and general access point for apps on the desktop.

Gnome is well known for its regular releases, which incrementally improve the desktop experience while retaining a large degree of backwards compatibility. This has resulted in a significant acceleration in Gnome application development. The Ubuntu Project ships an entire Linux distribution on the same regular release schedule as the Gnome Project, ensuring that it is always possible to get the latest Gnome desktop and applications in a stable Linux OS.

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