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GNU libavl is a library in ANSI/ISO C for the manipulation of binary trees and balanced binary trees. libavl is written using a literate programming system called TexiWEB. By way of TexiWEB, libavl is as much a textbook on binary trees and balanced binary trees as it is a collection of code.

libavl supports the following kinds of trees:

    * Plain binary trees:
          o Binary search trees
          o AVL trees
          o Red-black trees
    * Threaded binary trees:
          o Threaded binary search trees
          o Threaded AVL trees
          o Threaded red-black trees
    * Right-threaded binary trees:
          o Right-threaded binary search trees
          o Right-threaded AVL trees
          o Right-threaded red-black trees
    * Binary trees with parent pointers:
          o Binary search trees with parent pointers
          o AVL trees with parent pointers
          o Red-black trees with parent pointers

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