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Scripts and applications that interact with Launchpad.

We're encouraging people who write scripts using the Launchpad API or any programs that use Launchpad to join this "super-project".

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  • Tarmac 0.4 Release on 2010-09-18
    Tarmac 0.4, codenamed "Dog Problems," has been released! There are a variety...
  • Bug Hugger Released! on 2009-09-24
    Bug Zapper is now Bug Hugger, and is available from this ppa:
  • Announcing AutoPPA 0.0.6 on 2009-09-20
    The AutoPPA team is proud to announce AutoPPA 0.0.6! The new release include...
  • Tarmac 0.2 Released! on 2009-07-11
    The Tarmac team is more than pleased to announce the release of Tarmac 0.2[1]...