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NeoGenie is a modern remake of Age of Empires 2's engine, called "Genie", hence the name NeoGenie.

NeoGenie is a modern remake of Age of Empires 2's engine, called "Genie". NeoGenie shall offer the following improvements over the original:
 - Cross-platform across Windows, Mac and Linux
 - Uses only human-readable and common, open file formats (json, png, ogg, etc)
 - Arbitrary resolution support
 - True alpha-blended terrain
 - Better network responsiveness
 - Better replay viewing with the ability to scroll back in time
 - Modern UI RTS facilities such as multi-building selection andattack-move commands

NeoGenie includes an asset converter which can convert all original Age of Conquerors assets to its own formats. It will look and play very much like the original; however, there will inevitably be limitations:
 - NeoGenie is not network compatible with Age of Conquerors
 - No support for scenarios and campaigns, as the formats used by AoC are still largely unknown
 - Save games and replays will not be compatible with AoC
 - Pathing and formation behaviors will be slightly different as I don't know the exact algorithms used by AoC

This is a very ambitious project and as soon as I'm happy with the asset importer, renderer and basic architecture, I'll be glad to accept contributions and serious collaborators.

NeoGenie currently uses .NET 4.5 and XNA 4. I will make sure it is compatible with Mono and MonoGame in due time, however basic feature development takes priority over cross-platform support at the moment, and MonoGame is still moving fast.

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