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Mago works only with "C" locale applications. We need to modify it in order to make it work with different locales.
Improve ISO tracker for Ubuntu
As part of some of the discussions during UDS Maverick, we agreed that we need some improvements in the tracker in order to keep using it productively.
Mago needs to be run on a daily (or bi-weekly) basis to be useful. In the past, we tried using checkbox, but this had several problems. We will discussing how to improve this implementation or other alternatives to run Mago tests daily.
A session where we're going to discuss how to improve the communication with our community on Mailing lists, IRC Meetings, events, etc.
Leverage the ATK framework to implement a set of automated test routines for the desktop. Agenda: * Choice of technology - Evaluate Accerciser, Macaroon and Dogtail. Criteria: ease of use, availability (is dogtail still broken?), compatibility with other test projects * Test structure - how long should test be?...

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