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A snap of apport should be created which will create apport formatted crash reports of crashes on Ubuntu Core. This will included crashes from packages in the core image, or crashes from other snaps. The crash reports can then be manually retraced by developers with the debug symbols of the snaps.
We receive a multitude of package installation failure bug reports because people have misconfigured their /etc/default/grub file. These are often due to simple syntax errors which we should guide users into fixing for themselves.
Despite current efforts Ubuntu still receives lots of bug reports without a package. These bugs are may be about serious issues in Ubuntu and are unlikely to be triaged. Using launchpadlib and text processing is it possible to determine what packages these bugs may be about? Are there other ways to determine the ...
Currently, Launchpad only accept bug reports in English, making it impossible for non-English speakers to report bugs. We should remedy to this problem by handling non-English bugs.
Bugsquad Roadmap for Ubuntu
The bug triaging community uses a variety of tools and processes to facilitate the triage of bug reports. During the Natty cycle tools used by the community - includingi wiki documentation, apport, Launchpad greasemonkey scripts and Launchpad itself will be updated to make bug triaging easier. The process of joini...