Linux kernel,, and Ubuntu hacker. Bringing multitouch and gestures to the desktop through XInput 2.2 and Open Input Framework development. Also developed the MyMote and Remotux iPhone apps and the rinputd input server package in Debian and Ubuntu.

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X trackpad support for Ubuntu
Ensure X and OIF do not interfere on trackpads. Fix clickpad support.
By UDS, people will have had a chance to work with our gesture engine. What's going well? What should we do more of? What's broken? What needs fine-tuning? In particular, we want to focus on these two areas:  * how well are gestures being recognized and parsed by the engine?  * how are users finding the actual phys...
New kernel tracing functionality will enable more efficient debugging of kernel issues. Analysis tools are provided to examine the data more rapidly and accurately. Scripts are provided so an end user can easily run them and upload results to a launchpad bug.