I am an applications engineer at IBM, formerly Vivisimo, an information optimization/information management/search engine company in Pittsburgh which produces an enterprise search solution used by both private industry and government agencies.

Formerly, I was a developer for Clayton Kendall, a Pittsburgh-based promotional marketing and imprinting company which runs http://www.RushImprint.com. I was also an adjunct instructor of software applications and programming at ITT Technical Institute (http://www.itt-tech.edu) for two quarters before moving to Pittsburgh.

I hold a M.S. in Education from Robert Morris University (http://www.rmu.edu) and a B.S. in Computer Science with a Writing minor from Westminster College (http://www.westminster.edu). I was editor-in-chief of Westminster's student newspaper, The Holcad.

I write for http://www.ThinkComputers.org, as well as my personal blog (http://www.cad.cx/blog). I founded http://www.BIOSLEVEL.com but severed ties with it in 2010.

I speak/write intermediate-level Esperanto, and am slowly building my vocabulary. I study German occasionally, and wish to study Russian and Japanese.

I contribute to Ubuntu when possible. Aside from advocating its use, I contribute translations and bug reports. I am learning how to package software, as well.

I code primarily in PHP and Ruby, but am learning Python for desktop applications. I have experience with Java, but haven't used it much since 2005. I enjoy messing around with Scheme and the occasional Smalltalk. I'm a bit of an XML/XSLT wizard, as well. Objective-C is also on my radar, and I recently had my first Perl experience.

Personally, Linux--and usually Ubuntu--is running on all but one of my fourteen computers. I proudly run amd64 on my main rig with 8 GB of RAM and an Athlon X2 6000+.

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