Name: Dennis Hilmar

Location: Aalborg, Denmark

Born: 1984

Occupation: Computer Engineering at Aalborg University (8th semester)

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Free software enthusiast and Linux user since 2001 (Ubuntu user from the beginning;)

Current Occupation
The thing I'm studying are actually more for other components than computers, which is the reason the OpenMoko project is very enticing for me.
I'm probably going to spend lots of my time on the resent project (Nautilus SVN Extension) I'm working on before joining other projects.

My present project has turned into being very large actually. I call it gnome-sync and the thing it does is to monitor your files and folders and via rsync/rdiff-backup/SVN/Git (difficult to choose) it will be able to keep a Version Controlled copy of these files and folders on a remote machine. This is done via a simple ssh connection, which means no server is needed and no extra functionallities on the receiving machine; only an ssh account.

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