This team is a group of hybrid graphics laptop owners and/or
developers interested in getting them to work 100% under Linux.

Please join this team if you are new by clicking on the "Join Team"
link at the right of the Launchpad page. It's important to have as
many users in the community as possible to request for appropriate
support, even if you found a non-obvious way to make it work for you.

There are different ways to enhance your Hybrid-graphics laptop under
Linux which can be split into: (1) disabling the card, and (2) being
able to use it when active.


## ATI hybrid:

The PowerXpress pre-4.0 models have a mux solution to switch between
discrete and integrated card. For most ATI/Intel hybrid

a) try the latest closed-source Catalyst Driver for login/logout card switching,
b) try vga_switcheroo and open-source graphics drivers (kernel 2.6.35 or newer).

The PowerXpress 4.0+ models have a muxless solution to use both cards
and switch on/off the discrete card.
For Muxless PowerXpress 4.0+ models, please submit your DSDT tables
information as described later in this document.

## NVIDIA hybrid:


To see which drivers nouveau/intel/nvidia are being used, run this

    lspci -vmk | grep -A 8 -B 2 VGA

Applications can be started using bumblebee by prefixing it with optirun or primus. For
example, starting Firefox can be done with:

    optirun firefox


    primus firefox

For a WebGL benchmark, install google-chrome or use a
WebGL-enabled browser and can try it with/without optirun o primus and
report the FPS values on the mailing list:

    optirun google-chrome
    # close window

## Reporting bugs/problems


Then create a bug report package with the bumblebee-bugreport tool and open an
issue on GitHub at:

### ACPI Calls

We are gathering technical information to improve Linux support for
hybrid graphics systems. If you have a switchable graphics laptop,
please submit your laptop's DSDT.dsl and SSDT tables as an attachment
by "adding a comment" at the bottom of this bug report:

To compile your DSDT and SSDTs information, install if you haven't
already the acpidump and iasl tools:

    sudo apt-get install acpidump iasl
    sudo yum install pmtools iasl

Then download the information collector script and run it:


This will create a tar.gz file that you can attach to the bug report.

There is another more complete ACPI dump handles that might be useful
for some models. Details on how to produce it are below:

    git clone git://
    cd acpi-stuff/acpi_dump_info
    sudo make load
    cat /proc/acpi/dump_info > handles.txt

Attach the file in a comment on

This information will allow the full development of hybrid graphics
features for Linux. Thanks for your help!

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