Maintained Packages

111 of 11 results
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
seccure Debian Sid 0.4-0.1 None
seccure Ubuntu Oneiric 0.3-3ubuntu1 None
ssss Ubuntu Oneiric 0.5-2ubuntu1 None
bughugger Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 None
ssss Debian Lenny 0.5-2 None
seccure Debian Lenny 0.3-3 None
seccure Ubuntu Intrepid 0.3-3 None
bzr-builddeb Ubuntu Gutsy 0.15~rc1ubuntu1 None
bzr-builddeb Ubuntu Feisty 0.15~rc1 None
seccure Ubuntu Feisty 0.3-1 None
ssss Ubuntu Feisty 0.5-2 None
111 of 11 results