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Deprecate in favour of keystoneauth for python-keystoneclient
Keystoneauth is sufficiently ready that we should start using it instead of the relevant keystoneclient bits. This will involve deprecating the session, auth plugins, service catalog, access info etc components. It turns out to be way to difficult to put a direct dependency on all these pieces from keystoneclient ...
Provide a way to proxy calls to a plugin for python-keystoneclient
Provide a generic means of wrapping calls to an existing plugin. This would allow a plugin to generically modify the responses of an existing plugin without the need to subclass it and target a specific plugin Immediate use cases: - A plugin that ignores the catalog and returns only a specific endpoint for a servic...
Make Plugins more customizable for python-keystoneclient
The keystoneclient plugin system is working really well, however i have come across some plugins that cannot be implemented with the specified plugin interface. Primarily in auth_token middleware i want to write a plugin that controls the use of 'X-Subject-Token' and the message id on behalf of the service. There i...

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