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Deploy fuel-library via DEB packages for Fuel for OpenStack
Replace the current method of consuming and delivering of Puppet modules and manifests to the Fuel slave nodes with more generic package based one.
Currently we use yumdownloader/debmirror for downloading packages from rpm/deb repos while building ISO. To mix packages from different repos we use EXTRA_*_REPOS variable. Due to some limitations of these native tools our current build code is quite messy. The best way to define a set of repos is to use the same da...
There are some disadvantages of using docker containers on the master node: - it is tricky to get logs and other information (for example, rpm -qa) for a service like shotgun which is run inside one of containers. it is specific UX when you first need to run dockerctl shell {container_name} and then you are able t...
RIP linux as an option in PXE menu for Fuel for OpenStack
Leader: Vladimir Kozhukalov Reviewers: Dmitry Pyzhov, MIroslav Anashkin Developers: Vladimir Kozhukalov QA: Nastya Urlapova It would be great to have RIP linux as an option in pxe menu. RIP linux is a highly efficient tool if you need to figure out what is goint on on a node which is does not boot or has other syst...

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