My name is David, ive owned a serverfarm company for 22 years covered all 4 continents before i got terminal sick and had to sell it to a US famous company which NDA i cant name. After i got sick ive been thinking of other ways to help my customers, it took some years to find out what but i did.

But now i run my own server, which isnt easy since i had employees taking care of this before. So ive been without email and website for 2 months now. I hope to get the mail and site back ONLINE some how so my company can continue to grow and since my daughter want to take over the company when i pass i need to get this fixed. I need all the help i need. So if you can help me somehow please let me know on either message, or e-mail temp since all is down <email address hidden> I would apriciate it amazingly! Ive been living and working out of the hospital for the past year so would be nice to socialize also while getting my server done and READY!

Details on what i need and where i stand:

- What i need is a perfect web, mail, database server for my company. Fast, SECURE
- I need a webpanel which works with my server configuration which has been 1 month of trying and 10.000 euros out the window which should have gone to my trial medicine so now i cant afford that! So i need the site up so i can run my company and earn money for my trial medicine.
- I need this setup to work with a Web Server Panel and i run Wordpress for my website
I NEED to use: Postgresql, PowerDNS, MySQ, PostFIX with dovecot or Courier NOT EXIM or QMAIL, SpamAssassin, Amavis NEW, and one more i dont remember the name now, Apache2, loadbalancing, ProFTP, LDAP, SQLite, this is for now!

Also want to THANK everyone in here! You have been amazing!

Also would be nice if someone could tell me HOTO add launchpad into my respo /etc/apt/sources.iist without errors or my system deactivate it, spent 3-4 days on it but didnt get it to work.

I am not easy when it comes to ask for help, but i have now seen that i need it! So thank you!

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