I'm your friendly flipping hacker from the neighbourhood. Stuff like OpenGL, cairo, gstreamer and realtime computer-graphics in general make my brain tick. Aside from that I always like a good portion of capoeira and acrobatics. Stuff I hack on can be found on my homepage http://macslow.org, some bits can be found at http://cairographics.org/OpenGL, to some extend I also take some responsibility for http://www.gnome-dock.org. But mostly people have fun with my deeds like https://launchpad.net/gl-gst-player and https://launchpad.net/cairo-clock. Things will get even wilder once I've advanced https://launchpad.net/lowfat more.

During my time at Canonical I worked on all the different versions of unity (unity7, unity8) and notify-osd.

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GDM Face Browser for Ubuntu
Discuss and agree changes to our default greeter. * input from hardy-theme discussion * default is a face-browser, allowing users to click on their name * shows face/image * maybe show name with face/image? * transitions between certain stages of the face-browser will be animated * OpenGL is used to allow smo...
To avoid loosing a custom set of enabled plugins and plugin-settings compiz needs to support profiles. This support has to be provided via libcompizsettings. In addition to that profile-support will simplify the task of tweaking the other two sets of effect-levels "normal" and "extra", which can be implemented as tw...
hardy-shine for Ubuntu
shine is meant to be an addition to gnome-about, presenting the list of contributors with a higher visual impact than the default gnome-about. It is a fun and spare-time hack of low priority, so don't hold you breath.
To ensure the smooth operation of compiz as the default window-manager the integration work into the desktop has to be emphasized. The tools for controlling appearance, workspaces, keyboard and sessions have to be made more compiz-aware. The default behaviour (actions triggered via keyboard-shortcuts or by popping u...
Improving the integration of compiz into the GNOME-desktop needs trimming down the keyboard-shortcuts to sane defaults, making them map 1:1 to metacity's default keyboard-shortcuts and make keyboard-shortcuts for additional compiz-functionality easily discoverable without the user being required to skim the web for ...

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