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Evenlet was started by Bob Ippolito and Dononvan Preston. Donovan recently mentioned that his whole initial interest in working on eventlet was digging deeply into Python coroutines, implementing an eventloop for them, and exploring lots of edge cases. At the TSF dinner at PyCon 2012, Donovan and Glyph talked about...
There are outstanding tasks for the continued improvement of S3. This blueprint follows on the heels of the following blueprint:  * There are other more specific blueprints for S3; this one is a bit of a catch-all for things that didn't have anoth...
An example of an old ZConfig for pymon is pasted below. This needs to be converted to something consumable by mongodb. # legal values for check-by are 'services' and 'groups' user pymon group pymon prefix /usr/local/pymon pymon-app pymond instance-name PyMon...
Code Cleanup for pymon
There's a LOT in pymon that could use some tender janitorial lovin'. Make it happen.
The configuration system is too complex and depends upon root permissions to write to /etc. Let's abolish this, and just put the configuration in the database as JSON data along with everything else. A database is going to be required anyway, might as well make the configuration part of that.

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