This is the “Ubuntu GNOME Development” team (NOT to be confused with the “Ubuntu GNOME Developers” team: The tasks of this team are of technical nature and can cover anything related to the release process of Ubuntu GNOME.

This team is covering the areas of:
   - Packaging
   - Coding
   - Bug Fixing
   - Bug Triaging
   - QA & Testing

To become a member of this team you must:
   - Sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.
   - Have at least 3-months of regular contributions to the “Ubuntu GNOME” team (
   - Have a recommendation from an active member of this team.

The members of this team:
   - Have voting rights on the project's meetings.
   - Have more influence over the direction of the project.
   - Are recommended/encouraged to get an Ubuntu membership when eligible.

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Moderated Team

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