Welcome to the Kabyle Translation Team in Launchpad, central hub and home to those who consistently deliver high quality tweaks and translations into Kabyle for packages here on Launchpad!

In truth, this team completes the majority of kabyle translations for packages on launchpad, especially for Ubuntu. Therefore, please direct all language-related bugs to me and the team to resolve or make us aware of them, as we deal with the strings firsthand! ^_^

If your kabyle is 'top-notch' why not apply today?
You will need to have been a member of Launchpad for long enough to not look suspicious (e.g. not be literally days old and signed up to every team at hand), and have experience in translating kab for any package on the site. Unfortunately, spam accounts do exist and they result in more work fishing out problems later on.

It really is a tremendous way to give to the community because we are responsible for what the endusers see when they load their operating system or programs! Even the tiny tweaks like 'Trash' becoming 'Taqecwalt n yiḍumman' and the confusing 'Color' becoming 'Amaɣnu n yiniten n tnarit' started their lives here. Anything to improve the user experience for our language base.

Any problems at all? Feel free to contact me directly, or us as a group at the team's mailing list below!

Now that's all sorted, let's pour ourselves some tea, don our tophats and get those translations finished swiftly and more importantly, accurately ! ;)

Link to all available packages under our care and our name in the Launchpad Translators' list:

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