Welcome to Tajik Ubuntu Localization Team!

All base translations from English into Tajik and quality control of Ubuntu GUI in Tajik are sponsored by Victor Ibragimov, the owner of this team.

You should be a professional translator or proofreader to join this team and have a strong experience in translation and localization of software into Tajik language.

The Goal of this Team is:
* To provide Ubuntu with high quality Tajik translations.
* To flow new and existing Tajik translations and fixes among the Launchpad and Upstreams to fill the gaps and keep consistency of translations through all the projects.
* To contribute with translations Today to enjoy Ubuntu in Tajik Tomorrow!

How to join this Team:
Before joining this Team, please think about the following:
 * Can you work on the upstream project, rather than the distribution package?
 * Do you know and understand the software well enough to know the context of the strings you need to translate?
 * Are you familiar with the translation standards you'll need to stick to?

We recommend to carefully read the https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/StartingToTranslate guide and other information on Ubuntu pages. If you feel, that you can be an asset to this Project, please send more information about yourself to the owner and mailing list of this Team and explain why you want to translate Ubuntu into Tajik language.

After the team has accepted you as a member, please read the Translation Guidelines of the Tajik Ubuntu Localization Team at:

As of December 2008, the policy on translations precedence is the following:
 * Upstream translations will be in general given more priority when imported into Launchpad.
 * Launchpad Translations will retain the capability to override any specific upstream translation if an Ubuntu translator knowingly chooses to do so. If you decide to do so, please contact the Upstream project team first, to see if you can make changes directly to original files.
 * As above said, we encourage any translation fixes done in Ubuntu to be forwarded upstream.

- Rationale -

This should solve the most common problem of diverging translations between Ubuntu and its Upstreams: they are done accidentally (i.e. done in Launchpad before Upstreams have even started their work on translations).

However, it does not yet solve the problem of duplication of work. In order to address that, the Launchpad Translations developers are currently working on direct and more frequent syncs with Upstreams, in addition to providing a mechanism to send translations back to the original projects.

- Our Approach to solve the problem of duplication of work -

For all approved members of this team and translators without membership (still have to be subscribed to <email address hidden> and <email address hidden>) we recommend to follow our team's specific rules on translating the files:

1) Check if the Translatable template you wish to translate originally comes from the Upstream. If you are not sure how to check to which Upstream
your Translatable template belongs, please ask both lists about it. Try to
contact the Upstream team to help with translating the file.
2) Inform the “Tajik Ubuntu Localization” team's list (<email address hidden>) about the files downloaded for translation, and approximate time of delivery (Import) of translated or partially translated files back to the Launchpad.
3) Double check your translations before uploading the file back to Launchpad.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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